Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jennifer Still — Girlwood

Jennifer Still reads from
her new collection, Girlwood.
© SB
Somewhere we are becoming /  
ourselves — 
... from SNAKESKIN, Girlwood (Brick Books) 

In GirlwoodJennifer Still takes us on a flaming Sambuca, Jiffy Pop, Gravitron ride through girlhood and adolescence.

This poetry collection, her second, was launched Saturday at Regina's Talking Fresh poetry summit.

Less than a day later, I've read half and skimmed the rest.
Girlwood: Brick Books

Time to slow down and savour the moths, humming birds, leaves, "leaves under skin, private foliages."


  1. Thanks for linking Jennifer Still's book cover to the full description at the Brick Books website.

    Kitty Lewis, General Manager, Brick Books

  2. You're most welcome. It's a great book!


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