Friday, April 29, 2011

To The Edge of the Sea: Launch Party

Amazing book party Thursday night at Bushwakker's brew pub in Regina for Anne McDonald's new novel, To the Edge of the Sea (Thistledown, 2011).

The room was full and the audience totally attentive while Anne read sections from her book, introducing the main characters — including Canada's first prime minister, John A. Macdonald — and giving background to the story.

Then she moved on to the door prizes — and finally led everyone in singing the chorus of "The Canadian Boat Song."* (Based on an even simpler, though perhaps less authentic, version of the song we found online.)

It was such a great event that other bar patrons wanted to join in. One asked if there was a cover charge (no, readings don't typically have these!), while another wandered in late in the evening with a tiny paper umbrella in his hair. (The camera flash from his friend outside the window might indicate he was doing it on a bet. But he bought a book, so it's all good.)

Some photos from the night follow.






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