Sunday, April 3, 2011

Surprise in Wascana - April Snow

This morning, I had the luxury of visiting Wascana park and photographing last night's early spring snow.

One thing that surprised me: The winds came from the north and every tree trunk had a swath of white down that exposure. It reminded me of Richmond, B.C., where moss grows most on the north side of trees.

Until the sun climbed high enough for the melt to begin, from the north each spindly bare deciduous became a white splattered birch.

How much snow was there? I don't know—but it looked like a lot (for April!) to me.

White on white on black on white. A world without colour.

Late snow in Wascana   © SB  

Damp weight on the trees - but only for a day. © SB

Snow. Winter - go!   © SB


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