Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shelley Banks in CV2: Wedding Ring Flambé

Surprise! I checked the mail tonight and found a copy of CV2, vol 33/4 (Poetry Only) — with my poem, Wedding Ring Flambé!

And yes, I know there is a current mail stoppage in Canada, and therefore this lovely magazine must have been in my entryway for several days. But I don't notice things like that, and besides, tonight I found my issue, and I'm happy!

I want, want, want (really want) to share the cover from CV2's website to post here, but they're still showing a past issue. So I will try to understand the concept of advance copies... Not to mention, patience...

Cover of CV2 issue in which Shelley Banks poem appears.Or... Why wait! I'll try to photograph it!


G says: "I still don't understand why you never look at your mail."

I say: "Yes, I know I'm weird!"

And for those who don't read literary journals, CV2 = "Contemporary Verse 2, the Canadian Journal of Poetry and Critical Writing."


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