Monday, June 20, 2011

Wascana Creek Rises in June Rain

Once the dry land, Saskatchewan is waterlogged. After heavy snow melt, rain. Highways closed, basements flooded, river banks breached. Emergencies declared. The ground is saturated. When the sky leaks, drops can only flow. The creek looks thick, slick, congealed. Impenetrable. Murky. An illusion.  

Wascana Creek - photo by Shelley Banks
Rain swollen, foam skimmed Wascana Creek. © SB 

The river darkens.

whipping cream. 


But oh, how lovely walking by the creek at noon! 

Wild roses
Pink roses softly scent the air.

Red winged blackbird cry and fly at predators, competitors — or mates?

Pelicans flaunt wingspans beside the tumbling weir.

Pelicans, east of Regina's Albert Street Bridge

And in the evening, storm clouds, rain.

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