Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sun Goddess — legitimate career goal?

As summer seeps into my cells, I start to wonder: Is Sun Goddess a legitimate career goal?

Sun Goddess label - photo by Shelley Banks
Label from the Sukanen Museum, south of Moose Jaw   © SB 

Ms. Fiesta appears to have made a go of it, and I do have similar hair...  

Sun Goddess label - photo by Shelley Banks
Fiesta label, from Sukanen Museum   © SB 

Pros of being a Sun Goddess:
  • Sunshine. 
  • Summer.
  • A great tan. 
  • Adoration from sun lovers.
  • Wonderful light shows — rainbows and solar halos dancing at my feet. 
  • I love grapes! And wine is even better.

Cons of being a Sun Goddess: 
  • Will people blame me for the rain? 
  • Can Sun Goddesses function in Canadian winters? 
  • That head scarf look? Not a chance! Although I _do_ wear Buffs when hiking
  • The sun has a bad rap right now... will I have fewer worshippers than in the glorious '60s/70s?  

I'm on vacation now... Much to consider before I go back to work...



  1. To the Pro list I'd add
    chance to spend all day on the roof of a car
    and to Con
    no place to put your change

  2. And how could YOU be short of worshippers?

  3. Good points about the Pros and Cons -- and thanks! I'm off to Val Marie for a week; let's see how sun-worshipped bronzed I can get, and then I'll decide.


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