Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sage Hill: Inspiring Writers and Readers

In late July, the Sage Hill Writing Experience in Lumsden, Saskatchewan, hosted two evenings of readings by talented Canadian writers: John Gould, Helen Humphreys, Ken Babstock, Kimmy Beach, Spider Robinson, John Valliant and Lawrence Hill.

I was fortunate to be able to attend the first night of Sage Hill faculty readings — Gould, with several of his highly entertaining and very short stories; Humphreys, three vivid scenes from a novel in progress; and Babstock, amazing poetry. (Babstock is the recently announced winner of the 2012 Griffin Poetry Prize).

Unfortunately, I couldn't make the following session with Beach, Robinson, Valliant and Hill. (insert very sad sigh...) 

However, I have pictures from the reception that followed the first readings — and many new additions to my must-read list. (Looking for great Canadian poetry, fiction, non-fiction, science fiction? See below, for some of these authors' works.)

John Valliant, Lawrence Hill - photo by Shelley Banks
John Valliant and Lawrence Hill

Helen Humphreys, Philip Adams - photo by Shelley Banks
Helen Humphreys, with Sage Hill
Executive Director, playwright Philip Adams

John Gould - photo by Shelley Banks
John Gould

Ken Babstock - photo by Shelley Banks
Ken Babstock 

Caitlin Ward, Fionncara MacEoin - photo by Shelley Banks
Sage Hill writers: Participant Caitlin Ward,
with Program Assistant Fionncara MacEoin 

Kimmy Beach, Tracy Hamon - photo by Shelley Banks
Kimmy Beach and Sage Hill
Board President, poet Tracy Hamon

Judith Silverthorne - photo by Shelley Banks
Sage Hill participant, novelist 
Judith Silverthorne, Executive Director 
of the Saskatchewan Writers Guild

Caitlin Ward, Anne McDonald, Reg Sylvester, B.D. Miller - photo by Shelley Banks
Other writers at the Sage Hill readings: Caitlin Ward,
Anne McDonald, Reg Sylvester and B.D. Miller



  1. The readings were great! Thanks for the photos! And if you have that other one, I'd love to see it...

  2. Hi Bernadette - Thanks! Sadly, I don't have many more than this from that night, as my camera (or me, perhaps? could it be???) was having trouble with the lovely sunset light.


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