Thursday, November 15, 2012

Winning Saskatchewan Writers: Hicks Awards

Congrats to the winners of the John V. Hicks Long Manuscript Award. 

Andréa Ledding, first place, with Braid; Mari-Lou Rowley, with Unus Mundus; and Bruce Rice, for The Trouble with BeautyJudges were Carmine Starnino and Priscila Uppal. Prizes for all!   

The 2012 Awards, sponsored by the Saskatchewan Writers Guild and presented in Saskatoon in late October, were for new book-length poetry manuscripts. Writers in other genres are in the Hicks spotlight in the years when it highlights fiction, non-fiction, and drama.

Judith Silverthorne and Andrea Ledding - photo by Shelley Banks
Judith Silverthorne of the Saskatchewan Writers Guild
presents the award to Andréa Ledding. © SB

Mari-Lou Rowley - photo by Shelley Banks
Mari-Lou Rowley © SB 

Bruce Rice - photo by Shelley Banks
Bruce Rice © SB


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