Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Pi Day — with Life of Pi

Waiting for Pi... © SB
To celebrate Pi Day (March 14... applying the first three digits of pi, 3.14, to the date format...), here I am — early at the theatre, waiting for the Oscar-Award winning Life of Pi to start.

And yes, Pi really knows pi! Blackboards and blackboards full of pi!

The movie is based on the novel, Life of Pi, by Saskatoon writer Yann Martel, so its wins were the high point of Oscar viewing at the February writers retreat in Muenster, Saskatchewan.

This movie is also in 3D, hence the very large plastic glasses I am wearing, while waiting...

(I get hits on my blog each year for Pi Day, likely because of a Pi Day poem I used to have posted here, so I feel compelled to provide these random souls searching for "pome about pi day" and "creative poem about pi" with fresh updated content. And, to the person searching for "pi day poem villanelle" — congrats! Best search yet. Could be fun to read — though I won't be writing that one...)


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