Saturday, March 2, 2013

June Mitchell: and i think to myself

Regina poet, June Mitchell. photo © Shelley Banks
Regina poet, June Mitchell. © SB
June Mitchell launched her new poetry collection, and i think to myself, to music and a standing ovation from the 80 people gathered in Regina today to congratulate and wish her well. (And buy the book!)

Mitchell, who is well known in local literary circles (among many others), writes about life from birth through old age, with stops along the way at peace, protests, going topless and more.
June Mitchell's poetry is a celebration of life — hers, and all of ours. Her poems positively crackle with the joy of a life well-lived. — Dave Margoshes, from the back cover of and i think to myself.   
Perhaps an autobiography in verse. Accessible, entertaining and thoughtful, full of June Mitchell's irrepressible love, humour — and yes, joy.

   what happened to the girl who
   stood immovable while bullets flew
   would gladly trade her
   reputation for a burning kiss
   threw poison phrases at omnipotence

   guardians of the prematurely old
   fill her with a head of steam
   to lift her off her bench
   send her like a rocket 
   into the world     spitting stars until 
   there's nothing left of her
   but joy. 

Congrats, June!

and i think to myself is available through the Saskatchewan Publishers Group and other locations.

Regina poet Bernadette Wagner, June Mitchell's
daughter-in-law, hosted the launch. 
© SB

June Mitchell, reading poems from her book
to a capacity crowd.   © SB



  1. Great post and great pics! Congratulations to June!

  2. Thanks, Brenda! And yes, indeed -- congrats to June!

  3. June has always been an inspiration to me as a writer. When I met her she was doing things that women of a certain age didn't usually do.
    And she continues to do so.
    Congratulations June.


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