Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring into Spring with Spring! reading

My autographed Spring. 
The 2013 issue of Spring, the Saskatchewan Writers Guild magazine promoting the work of emerging Saskatchewan writers, was launched tonight with twin events in Regina and Saskatoon.

The Regina launch featured poetry readings by contributors Linda Biasotto, James Trettwer, Courtney Bates, and Tara Dawn Solheim, with a short story by contributor P.J. Worrell. Managing editor (and poetry editor) gillian harding-russell hosted the evening, and artist Becky Thera, whose embroided piece appeared on the cover, also attended.

(And yes, it is time for Spring! Tomorrow, March 20, marks the equinox, when the sun crosses the equator heading north. And here, that's the beginning of Spring.)

Here are the members of the Regina Spring crew:

Spring! L-R: Debra Bell, Tara Dawn Solheim, P.J. Worrell, Becky Thera,
James Trettwer, gillian harding-russell, Linda Biasotto and Courtney Bates.

Spring 2013 also features work by Debra Bell, Belinda Betker, Lesley Washington, Brenda Peters, Cindy Clarke, Vijay Kachru, Julia Serena Ready, Micheal Chouinard, Carla Richards and Merrill Edlund. And, the Saskatoon launch was hosted by fiction and non-fiction editor, Sandy Marie Bonny. 

Copies of Spring are available from the Saskatchewan Writers Guild. (And congrats to all contributors! Great issue, gillian!)


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