Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Youngest Poet at Regina's Vertigo Series

A treat from last fall at Regina's Vertigo Reading Series: the début of one of Saskatchewan's youngest poets.

For those who missed it, Dominic — who would tell you that he is now 6 and a half — gave an impromptu performance of his poem, "One, Two, Let's Go to the Zoo!", followed by a rap he made up at school. (He created Zoo with his mom while running errands in the city. And yes, she's given permission to use his photo and first name here.)

He recited both from memory, with a little help from picture cue cards drawn by his sister, since he couldn't yet read.

One, Two, Let's Go to the Zoo!       © SB

There were other very talented readers and writers that evening (Anne McDonald, David Sealy, Coby Stephenson, and P.J. Worrell, with music by Shandee Noble), but Dominic's radiant smile captured the greatest applause.  

The next Vertigo Series features readings by Kimmy Beach, Sheila Bautz and Susan Harris, with music by Danilo Villalta of El Salvador. That's at 7:30 p.m., Monday, March 25, 2013, at Crave (1925 Victoria Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan).

All welcome! (Truly, these are open, fun and public events at which writers and musicians share their work. For more info about past and upcoming events, see Vertigo's webpage,, or track down the host, Tara Dawn Solheim.)


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