Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Society Magazine - with my poem, "High Wire"

The Society, 2013
St. Peter's College

The 2013 edition of The Society magazine from St. Peter's College in
Muenster, Saskatchewan, is now available online, and if you scroll carefully through, you'll find my poem, "High Wire" about eight pages in.

What fun to share a page with Dave Margoshes, whose poem "Thirteen new ways, with one more for luck" is right beside mine! 

And, what fun to share space in the magazine with other fine writers: Jan Conn, Cindy Clarke, Linda Biasotto, Sharon McFarlane, Glen Sorestad, Kelly Jo Burke, Carolyn Smart... 

If you want to read my poem, you can burn your eyes by trying to focus on a micro-image, one-page scan on my website... 

But why create such pain?

The entire edition is available as an easy-to-read pdf through the St. Peter's College website, with background to The Society, here, and the full issue of The Society, 2013here. 

My thanks to the editorial team, including Barb Langhorst, the 2013 Saskatchewan Book Awards winner for Poetry, for selecting my creative work! 


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