Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Anne Lazurko: Saskatchewan novelist explores Dollybirds!

Anne Lazurko's novel Dollybird will be formally launched this fall by Regina's Coteau Books — and I'm delighted that I was able to pick up an early copy at the recent Sage Hill readings.

I asked Anne to pose with her book, so that I could celebrate its release now, on LatitudeDrifts.

Saskatchewan writer Anne Lazurko shows off her new novel, Dollybird. © SB

The novel is set in the bleak pioneer landscape of southern Saskatchewan in 1906, and tells the story of Moira, a "dollybird"... a term that signifies either housekeeper or whore.

Anne Lazurko, who lives near Weburn, Saskatchewan, was at the Sage Hill Writing Experience to work on her next novel... Stay tuned!

Congratulations, Anne! I'm delighted to be able to start August with your book!


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