Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Byrna Barclay Special Edition of Transition Magazine

Byrna Barclay, at the launch of the Byrna Barclay edition of Transition © SB
Transition magazine has launched a special edition to honour long-time editor and advocate Byrna Barclay.

The launch featured readings by Byrna Barclay, and by contributors to the Winter 2013 issue: Annette Bower, Linda Biasotto, Denise SD Stilling and Adam Staite.

Held in Regina, Saskatchewan, the event also featured the prominent display of The Blue Horse, a painting by Saskatoon artist and writer (and contributor to this issue), Marie Elyse St. George. The painting was the cover image for Byrna's novel, The Last Echo, and also used on the cover of the magazine.

Byrna Barclay, a fiction writer and poet (among many other talents), edited Transition for 20 years, and actively encouraged members of the Saskatchewan writing community to submit their prose and poetry to her pages.

(I also know Byrna in her role as the long-time host of The Bees, a Regina writing group that Annette, Linda and I belong/ed to. My thanks, Byrna, for all your ideas, work and support!)

Transition is published annually by the Saskatchewan branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association. Edited by Ted Dyck, it welcomes submissions from writers and artists.

Sean St. George (artist Marie Elyse St. George's son) and Byrna Barclay, with a display
that include Elyse's painting The Blue Horse, Byrna's novels and the magazine. 
 © SB
Annette Bower  © SB
Editor Ted Dyck   © SB
Adam Staite     © SB
Denise SD Stilling © SB
Linda Biasotto  © SB

This issue of Transition also includes one of the best writers' bios I've seen recently: 

"I am 90. The chance of anyone being left alive to figure out who [the men in my article] were is very unlikely."

(Way to go, Kay Parley!) 


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