Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bruce Rice: The Trouble with Beauty — Regina, SK, Launch

The cover of The Trouble with Beauty, by Bruce Rice
Congrats (again) to Regina poet Bruce Rice — this time, for his wonderful new poetry collection, The Trouble with Beauty (Coteau Books)! 

The Regina launch was held this week at the Slate Fine Art Gallery, with a capacity crowd in attendance. (I'd never been to this new gallery before — it's a fine place for an event like this. Space for a great reading circle of chairs, signing and food tables, and a cash bar.)

Bruce has written a stunning collection, with evocative, story-telling poems about this prairie landscape we love. The poems are accompanied by black and white images by photographer Dennis J. Evans — and I really like the landscape format of The Trouble with Beauty because of the play this allows for both of their work.

A sample of The Trouble with Beauty is available on the publisher's website. Seven poems and a few images. Visit. Read! (Buy?)

Bruce Rice reading (primarily...) from The Trouble with Beauty 

Photographer Dennis J Evans
and poet Bruce Rice 
Coteau publisher Nik Burton
encouraging all to buy the book. 

Thanks to all for a great evening! 

(I'm looking forward to spending more time with The Trouble with Beauty.


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