Saturday, November 8, 2014

Robert Calder, dee Hobsbawn-Smith, Lloyd Ratzlaff:
Hicks Manuscript Award Winners

Today, a salute to the recent winners of the 2014 John V. Hicks Long Manuscript Award — Robert Calder, dee Hobsbawn-Smith and Lloyd Ratzlaff. These writers' book-length, literary non-fiction manuscripts were celebrated in late October at the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild's annual conference.

Robert Calder took first place for Gonzalo Guerrero: Father of the Mexican; in second place, was dee Hobsbawn-Smith for Bread & Water: Essays; and in third, Lloyd Ratzlaff for Bindy’s Moon: A Sojournal.  The three—who receive $1,000, $650, and $350, respectively—were selected by judges Tim Bowling and Lori A. May. Honourable Mention this year goes to Cassidy McFadzean for Curious Cabinet.  (from the SWG news release... congrats to Cassidy, too!) 

Robert Calder, dee Hobsbawn-Smith and Lloyd Ratzlaff


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