Thursday, October 22, 2015

Daniel Tysdal, with Hamon, McFadzean, Mader in Regina

Daniel Tysdal was in Regina this week for a reading from his new book, Fauxccasional Poems, a collection that celebrates events that never occurred — and poems by people who never composed them.  

It's fun! Or as the publisher says, "In a dizzying display of poetic insight, technical prowess, and playful parody, Fauxccasional Poems brings these alternate universes to life, forcing the reader to ponder the contingency of history and how each moment brings us to a thousand turning points.  Gooselane Editions.  

Tysdal read with poets Tracy Hamon, Cassidy McFadzean and Nathan Mader. A highly entertaining evening.

Daniel Tysdal, with his Fauxccasional Poems
Tracy Hamon, with her latest collection,
Red Curls. 
Cassidy McFadzean read Hacker Packer
Nathan Mader 

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