Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wascana Lake: Four Seasons Photo Book, Sheena Simonson

Sheena Simonson at Chapters this week
with Wascana Lake Through Four Seasons.
I was happy to see my photographer friend Sheena Simonson this week at Chapters in Regina, where she was signing copies of her new book, Wascana Lake Through Four Seasons.

Sheena and I took several of Regina photography instructor Lori Maxim's classes together a few years ago, and Sheena does lovely work. (You, too, Lori!)

I know this book is a project close to Sheena's heart — and she's showing her heart, too, by donating $2 from the sale of each book to "All That Kids Can Be," in support of United Way initiatives to improve educational outcomes for Regina’s children. (A removable sticker on the front cover indicates this. Yes, removable is what Sheena's website about the Wascana Lake book says about the sticker, and I bought a copy of the book and so I can verify that it comes off cleanly... Not quickly and impatiently, though. More, "Shelley, go slowly and this will all be gone" removably.)

For more on Wascana Lake, see
Shelley Leedahl's excellent review on SaskBooks
Reviewer Shelley Leedahl on the SaskBooks (Saskatchewan Publishers Group) site calls Wascana Lake a "beautifully-designed and easy-to-read book, and says:
Simonson begins her book with a Henry David Thoreau quote: “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” Sheena Simonson, I like what you see, and am grateful you’ve shared it.  
Me. too, Sheena!

Copies of Wascana Lake are available from Chapters in Regina, and from Sheena Simonson's online store.


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