Monday, January 11, 2016

Gerald Hill: Saskatchewan's New Poet Laureate

Gerald Hill, Saskatchewan's new Poet Laureate
Saskatchewan's new Poet Laureate, Gerald Hill, was welcomed into his role last week by writers, readers and government officials at a celebration at Government House.

Gerald Hill read from his new work, "When I Became Poet Laureate," which he's posting in video instalments on the Saskatchewan Poet Laureate Facebook page.

(Tune in! It's funny! I mean, very insightful and wise...)

He also received a gift from outgoing Poet Laureate Judith Krause, a rather strange, yet compellingly spectacular, tie. (I will be watching for this...)

There was a full house for the event — it's great to see support for the literary arts in Saskatchewan! (Yeah, Saskatchewan Writers' Guild for working behind the scenes to make this program happen!)

And yes, I am using many exclamation marks today, in part because our new Poet Laureate claims they have all disappeared... What next? Ellipses? Say it isn't so...

Congrats, Gerry!

A literary tradition in the making, with
former Saskatchewan Poet Laureate Judith Krause
and new Poet Laureate Gerald Hill.  
It's a Saskatchewan Poet-tie!  
Poet Laureate Gerald Hill, with
her Honour, Saskatchewan's Lieutenant Governor
Vaughn Solomon Schofield,
and Mark Docherty, Minister of Parks, Culture & Sports.

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