Monday, May 23, 2016

Poetry and a Pint at Regina's Bushwakker Brew Pub

Poetry and a Pint - the poster. 
And now, some photos from the Saskatchewan Poet Laureate's Poetry and a Pint event at the Bushwakker Brew Pub in Regina on May 21.

Listening to poetry — what a novel way to spend a Saturday afternoon! (Drinking beer mid-afternoon is novel for me, too, but we won't get into that...)

The readers were Courtney Bates-Hardy, Coby Stephenson, Brenda Niskala, Eric Greenway (the prose reader who kept us entertained with selections from a short story), and me, Shelley Banks.

Saskatchewan Poet Laureate Gerald Hill presented the event, and was the MC.

There was strong turnout, and the audience seemed to enjoy the event as much as the readers. (At least, that's what they told us afterwards.)

(My thanks to Gord Hunter for the photos that follow.)

Brenda Niskala    © Gord Hunter
Courtney Bates-Hardy    © Gord Hunter
Coby Stephenson    © Gord Hunter
Shelley Banks   © Gord Hunter
Eric Greenway  © Gord Hunter
Saskatchewan Poet Laureate Gerald Hill opens the event. Also on stage, Eric Greenway, Shelley Banks,
Brenda Niskala (hidden), Courtney Bates-Hardy, Coby Stephenson.   Photo: © Gord Hunter. 


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