Sunday, March 6, 2011

Talking Fresh 9: Saskatchewan Poetry Summit

Participants and organizers of Talking Fresh 9. 
Front: Katherine Lawrence, Dan Tysdal, Karen Solie, Gerry Hill,
Michael Trussler, Brenda Schmidt and Tracy Hamon;
Back: Jennifer Still and Holly Luhning. Photo © Shelley Banks
Writers at Talking Fresh 9: Saskatchewan Poetry Summit, featuring Brenda Schmidt, Karen Solie, Michael Trussler and Daniel Scott Tysdal, and the happy hour launch of new books by Jennifer Still (Girlwood) and Holly Luhning (Quiver).

Thanks to all of the featured writers! And also to Gerry Hill of Luther College and Tracy Hamon of the Saskatchewan Writers Guild for organizing, and Katherine Lawrence for moderating the Friday panel. It was a great event.

I especially enjoyed the panelists responses to the question, When is a poem finished?


  1. Hey! I didn't know you were blogging! Thank goodness Brenda linked're now in my feed!

  2. Hi Bernadette! It's my new playtoy!


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