Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mattern, Heit, Nakutny, Mushka: SWG Mentorship Reading

I was honoured to be asked to MC the recent Saskatchewan Writers' Guild Mentorship reading, featuring Jason Heit, Ashleigh Mattern, Katerina Nakutnyy, and Dora Mushka. I took part in this program several years ago, and it was a great confidence and skills booster!

The mentoring senior writers were Dave Margoshes, Brenda Baker, Ted Dykk, and Trevor Herriot. 

I enjoyed the readings — great work! — and was impressed by the spirit of camaraderie, excitement and joy in the Artesian theatre that night. Congrats to all, and I'm glad to have been there! 

Brenda Baker introduces Ashleigh Mattern 
Ashleigh Mattern
Trevor Herriot introduces Dora Mushka  
Dora Mushka
Dave Margoshes introduces Jason Heit 
Jason Heit
Ted Dykk introduces Katerina Nakutnyy 
Katerina Nakutnyy
Katerina Nakutnyy, Ashleigh Mattern, Trevor Herriot, Dave Margoshes, Ted Dykk,
Brenda Baker, Jason Heit, and Dora Mushka. 


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