Sunday, April 17, 2011

Can Sandbags Stop the Rising Water?

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As the water rises, city crews are piling sandbags along the edge of Wascana Creek

The last time the water rose this high — almost 40 years ago — the creek crested and overflowed into several  communities. Since then, embankments have been built to contain the rush of spring melt. 

This year, however, sandbags are needed once again along parts of the creek.  

In this age of high tech, it's interesting to remember that something as simple as a bag filled with sand is still one of the most useful barriers. 

I've been looking up metaphorical uses of sandbagging this morning: stall (investor takeovers), cudgel (as a weapon); compel (with threats), deceive (by underreporting potential)... But for those in floods zones, protect is the only meaning.  


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