Saturday, April 23, 2011

Regina: Road Reflections and Water Benches

Wascana Creek continues to rise, breaching its banks and flooding city parks. At least one street and golf course along its channel were also partly underwater.

The creek breached a section of the sandbag barrier south of Les Sherman Park and flowed across Seventeenth Avenue. It was deep enough to close the road and lure a dog to swim, but not so deep that Saturday city work crews on repair detail couldn't drive through.

Foreground: Seventeenth Avenue;
Background: Les Sherman Park (flooded) © SB. 

 I know that bench is almost underwater,
but I found it oddly inviting.© SB.  

The bridge at Craig Golf Course, west of Wascana Creek,
near the Regina Airport. © SB.  
Sandbags double as a bench on the south side 
of  flooded Les Sherman Park. © SB.


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