Monday, April 11, 2011

Seven Bridges -- but you can't get through this road

We went for a drive along the back roads to Lumsden on Sunday to see the rapid progress of Saskatchewan's  spring melt.

Seven Bridges Road winds across the prairie and down the Qu'Appelle Valley, but we were blocked before the first bridge by flooding.

Flooding on Seven Bridges Road (photo used by permission © GH

The fields were lakes, the surface rippling in the wind like the sea, submerging fields, fences, trunks of trees.

Tree under water on Seven Bridges Road


  1. Just this morning I read a student's journal entry about a book she's read (which is in itself a neat story: she'd seen her mother reading it and finally inquired, leading to many new mom-daughter moments). A self-help book of some kind that included this prompt: ?What does your bridge look like? I intend to run that by my next writing group.

  2. Thanks, Gerry. And I wonder what it means that mine is under water?


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