Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Carol Morin and Marie Powell: Words in the Park

Carol Morin and Marie Powell were featured at the Saskatchewan Writers Guild's reading in Victoria Park today at noon. The works of both Regina writers touched on gifts — of different kinds.

Carol Morin told the story, "Kokum's Tablecloth", in which Kokum (grandmother) gives a series of wise gifts to her granddaughter Nahanni. Morin also showed the paintings she's created to illustrate the story and opened the reading with drumming and singing.

Carol Morin - photo by Shelley Banks
Carol Morin sings 'O Canada' © SB 

The protagonist of Marie Powell's young adult historical fantasy has a special gift of sensing that allows him to reach beyond the usual limits of communication and understanding — a useful ability in a violent time of war in long-ago Wales.

Marie Powell - photo by Shelley Banks
Marie Powell reads in Regina's Victoria Park © SB


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