Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Poetry Comics: Moose Jaw's Festival of Words

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan: To promote Culture Days in September, 2011, poet Paul Wilson and artist Jonah McFadzean are creating poetry comic strips at events around the province. Last weekend, Jonah and Paul set up their movable studio at the Festival of Words in Moose Jaw, where Paul also gave personal poetry readings as Poet in Residence at the Invisible Library.

The process involves words by Paul, and drawings by Jonah — which is logical but you never know. Roles can be reversed; it's best not to take things for granted...

- photo by Shelley Banks
Caution: Poetry comic in progress.   © SB

Jonah McFadzean - photo by Shelley Banks
Artist Jonah McFadzean   © SB

Jonah McFadzean, Paul Wilson - photo by Shelley Banks
Jonah and Paul with a Festival Poetry Comic © SB 

eta: Oops! I know, that comic strip is impossibly small. Unless we all need new glasses? So I've posted a close-up of the Festival of Words poetry comic strip.  

Paul Wilson, Angie Abdou - photo by Shelley Banks
The Poet in Residence at the Invisible Library
 reads to Festival presenter Angie Abdou © SB

The poetry comic series will be on display during Culture Days. As for the Invisible Library, you'll have to ask the PiR... And Festival of Words? Great, as usual! It's a wonderful event for writers and readers.


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