Monday, April 30, 2012

Melanie Schnell: Regina Writer, Sudan Story

In April, Regina writer Melanie Schnell launched her first novel, While the Sun is Above Us (Freehand Books). Set in Sudan, While the Sun is Above Us tells the intertwined stories of two women, one from Southern Sudan who was enslaved during the brutal civil war, the other a Canadian aid worker.

Melanie Schnell - photo by Shelley Banks
Melanie Schnell autographs While the Sun 
is Above Us at her Regina Launch © SB 

And yes, disclosure: Melanie and I recently studied creative writing at the University of B.C., in the Master of Fine Arts program. We were in different streams, but the Saskatchewan writing community is so supportive that we've grown to know each other better here than we did during our optional residency graduate programs in Vancouver.

While the Sun is Above Us, by Melanie Schnell - photo by Shelley Banks
A table of books at Melanie Schnell's Regina launch  © SB

Congrats, Melanie — and you know you have an open invitation for an in-depth interview here on Latitude Drifts! I am fascinated by the back-story of this novel. (And by the writing, too!)


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