Thursday, May 3, 2012

Schmidt, Spray, Enns: Hagios Spring Poetry

Highly entertaining evening on Wednesday, with three poets launching new books through Hagios Press: Brenda Schmidt with Grid; Mitch Spray with The History of Naming Cows; and Victor Enns, with Boy

A good crowd turned out for the Regina reading at The Artesian. (Exact numbers? I don't know, but at the break, the lower lounge seemed full!)    

Thanks, Brenda, Mitch and Victor! 

Paul Wilson - photo by Shelley Banks
Hagios publisher, Paul Wilson © SB 
Brenda Schmidt - photo by Shelley Banks
Poet Brenda Schmidt shows the audience
her new collection, Grid  © SB
Mitch Spray - photo by Shelley Banks
Mitch Spray, Strike Fire New Author,
reads from History of Naming Cows © SB
Victor Enns - photo by Shelley Banks
Victor Enns, with his latest collection, Boy © SB

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