Sunday, May 27, 2012

Get Lit: Poets, Photographers, Musicians

Regina's Cathedral Village Arts Festival was held last week. Two highlights for me: The Get Lit Cabaret on Thursday night, May 24, and the Storm Stage readings on Saturday, May 26.

The Get Lit Cabaret featured The Poet's Combine (Bruce Rice, Paul Wilson, Judith Krause, Jim MacLean and Robert Currie) with their Cathedral Chronicles (with photos by Gord Hunter); Saskatchewan's Poet Laureate Don Kerr; the ever-amazing Tara Dawn Solheim (who I regret having missed), and The Local Onlyz, a four-piece hip-hop group, with InfoRed (Brad Bellegarde), Merky Waters, Thomas Roussin, and ... ?.

Great work, everyone!

Bruce Rice, Paul Wilson, Judith Krause, Jim MacLean, Robert Currie - photo by Shelley Banks
The Poet's Combine: Bruce Rice, Paul Wilson, Judith Krause,
Jim MacLean and Robert Currie,
with The Cathedral Chronicles. 
Gordon F. Hunter - photo by Shelley Banks
Gord Hunter, photographer extraordinaire,
who did the photo backdrops for the Chronicles. 
Don Kerr - photo by Shelley Banks
Saskatchewan's Poet Laureate,
Don Kerr. 
Local Onlyz - photo by Shelley Banks
The Local Onlyz, on sound-check for the late-night show  



  1. Thanks for this, Shelley! I don't know about anyone else, but I got lit on Thursday night! And the Saturday readings were fab, too...well, actually, all the events I was able to attend were fantastic! It's just a great festival, if I do say so myself!

  2. It was all fabulous -- what I saw/heard, anyway! Thanks for your work organizing! (And Saturday's pix will be posted soon.)


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