Monday, May 28, 2012

Storm Stage Readings at the Arts Festival

A celebration of Saskatchewan literary talent took place Saturday with writers David SealyMitch Spray, Ken Fox, Kathleen WallBrenda Niskala and Barbara Kahan, Alison Lohans, and Shayna Stock.

The event at the Storm Stage was coordinated by poet Bernadette Wagner (and team!!!), who managed all the literary events at the 2012 Cathedral Village Arts Festival. (Great work, Bernadette!)

This year's City of Regina writing award winner, playwright David Sealy started the day. (Dave will be reading on again Tuesday May 29, 7:30 p.m. at Wascana Centre for the City of Regina award presentation.)

Shayna Stock - photo by Shelley Banks
Performance poet Shayna Stock,
host of Word up Wednesday at Regina's
Creative City Centre    
Alison Lohans - photo by Shelley Banks
Young adult novelist and Regina YWCA
Women of Distinction award winner, Alison Lohans
Kathleen Wall - photo by Shelley Banks
Poet and novelist Kathleen Wall 
Bernadette Wagner - photo by Shelley Banks
Literary coordinator, poet Bernadette Wagner 

Brenda Niskala, Barbara Kahan - photo by Shelley Banks
Brenda Niskala, Barbara Kahan and friends
with the screenplay, Birds and Atoms


  1. It's a team effort at the Cathedral Village Arts Festival! We have a great community of writers who volunteer on the Literary Committee. This year, Brenda Niskala, Tara Solheim, Debra Bell, Paul Wilson and Jackie Lay were part of the team along with representatives from the SWG and Connaught Library. We attracted almost 400 bodies into seats at our 6 events. That is an amazing show of support for the literary arts! Thanks to all who came out to make it happen!

  2. Great work by a great team, Bernadette!


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