Sunday, June 17, 2012

Writer David Sealy: City of Regina Award

David Sealy - photo by Shelley Banks
David Sealy
David Sealy celebrated winning the 2012 City of Regina Writing Award with a scripted reading from his play, "Stuck with the Queen," assisted by actors Dana Brandow and Ryland Alexander.

Congrats, Dave! The scenes we heard were fast-paced and funny, and left me wanting to know more about these two characters — the cantankerous old woman with a penchant for playing Hearts (and an intriguing past), and the young salesman asking for help because his car is stuck outside her house (or is it/is he?).

The event was hosted by Regina poet Judith Krause and held May 29, 2012, at Wascana Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan, with sponsorship from the City of Regina, Sask Culture, the Saskatchewan Arts Board, and Saskatchewan Lotteries. The Award is administered by the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild.

One of the runners-up — B.D. Miller, also a talented playwright — was in attendance. (Thus explaining why I have pix of him, and not the other runner-up, Katherine Lawrence...)

David Sealy, Fred Clipsham, Judith Silverthorne - photo by Shelley Banks
David Sealy receives the award from Fred Clipsham on behalf
of the City. Rt: Judith Silverthorne, of the Writers' Guild. 
David Sealy, Ryland Alexander, Dana Brandow - photo by Shelley Banks
Dave with actors Ryland Alexander and Dana Brandow
B.D. Miller - photo by Shelley Banks
B.D. Miller at the podium 
Cathy Fenwick - photo by Shelley Banks
Cathy Fenwick of the
Saskatchewan Writers' Guild
Ryshia Kenny - photo by Shelley Banks
Ryshia Kenny,
winner of last year's award. 
Tracy Hamon, Holly Borgerson Calder - photo by Shelley Banks
Writers Tracy Hamon (of the SWG) and Holly Borgerson Calder 
Here's some of what the judges had to say about David Sealy's work:
Jenn Farrell: "With themes of scores unsettled, the nature of fame (or is it infamy?) and the gulf between youth and old age, this work-in-progress promises to be a tightly paced piece of theatre." 
Ian Williams: "The premise of 'Stuck with the Queen' is perfect for drama: a young man and an old woman are forced together during a blizzard. ... What follows is the stranger-on-an-airplane effect, as both characters reveal things about themselves that they would ordinarily guard secret." 
We're proud of you, Dave!


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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing the full production. Good job, Dave!


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