Sunday, July 1, 2012

B.D. Miller: Boris Karloff and the Regina Cyclone

Photo courtesy
National Severe Storm Laboratory 
Regina playwright B.D. Miller's new work, Swept off our Feet: Boris Karloff and the Regina Cyclone, a full-length musical commemorating the Regina cyclone 100 years ago, opens at the Regina Summer Stage next week.

The play runs from July 10 through 14, 2012, at the Regina Performing Arts Centre, and features songs from the era.

(And yes, Boris Karloff really was in Regina when that massive tornado hit this (at the time, very new) city 100 years ago.)

B.D. Miller's play was commissioned by the Regina Summer Stage, with funding from the City of Regina Arts Commission. (He was also a runner-up for the recent City of Regina Writing Awards.)

The Performing Arts Centre is at 1077 Angus Street, Regina. For tickets or information, call 779-2277.


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