Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Brenda Schmidt Launches Flight Calls

Brenda Schmidt, Gerry Hill - photo by Shelley Banks
Brenda Schmidt and Gerry Hill discuss the Art of Listening 

Saskatchewan writer (visual artist, poet, blogger) Brenda Schmidt was in Regina Monday to launch her latest book, Flight Calls: An Apprenticeship on the Art of Listening (Kalamalka Press).  

The launch featured a discussion about writing (and more) with Regina writer (poet, mapper, blogger) Gerry Hill, who partnered with Brenda in the Saskatchewan Writers Guild Mentorship Program several years ago. (Gerry was the mentor; Brenda the apprentice. Or so they say... But perhaps it was really the other way around?)

Congrats, Brenda! (And thanks for the cakes!)

Cupcakes - photo by Shelley Banks
A small selection of the celebratory cakes. 



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