Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Word on the Street in Saskatoon

Jeanette Lynes - photo by Shelley Banks
Jeanette Lynes displays the centrefold
in her new collection,
Archive of the Undressed.  © SB
I was up in Saskatoon while the city's recent Word on the Street festival was underway, and caught several readings:

Anthony Bidulka, Glen Sorestad, Alice Kuipers, Anne McDonald and Jeanette Lynes. (Many more wonderful writers were also there.)

Mysteries, poetry, teen novels, historical fiction, and more fantastic poetry!

Yes, the line-up for Word on the Street was great, with one indoor and three outdoor stages.

There were also many booths showcasing local writers, publishers and booksellers, along with writing programs and organizations — from editing to romance — along the street.

With my schedule and the overlapping readings, it was impossible to hear everyone I wanted — and there were many more than the ones listed/shown here. But I'm glad I was able to see and hear as many talented Saskatchewan writers as I did.

The festival, held September 23, 2012, was the second Word of the Street event held in Saskatoon.  Word on the Street is a national celebration of literacy and the written word, and events are held across Canada each September.

Alice Kuipers - photo by Shelley Banks
Alice Kuipers (Life of the Refrigerator Door,
Lost for Words) charms the audience
in the Great Expectations tent. 
© SB

Anthony Bildulka - photo by Shelley Banks
Anthony Bidulka shares the world of
Private Detective Russell Quant. 
© SB

Anne McDonald - photo by Shelley Banks
Anne McDonald sets the stage for
To the Edge of the Sea. 
© SB

Glen Sorestad - photo by Shelley Banks
Glen Sorestad shares poems
from his new collection,
A Thief of Impeccable Taste. 
© SB


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