Sunday, February 10, 2013

Food Literature — dee Hobsbawn-Smith

Congrats to dee Hobsbawn-Smith, whose book Foodshed: An Edible Alphabet (Touchwood Editions) was named the winner for Best Food Literature (Canada-English) at the 2012 Gourmand World
Cookbook awards.

dee Hobsbawn-Smith. (Photo: Shelley Banks)
dee Hobsbawn-Smith
You can read about dee's award in The Edmonton Journal's blog, or in The Western Producer.

Foodshed features stories of Alberta growers and producers. It's an ABC, with recipes — and great pictures, taken by dee!

(I feel a trend coming on... Food, Photographs, Awards...)

Dee lives in Saskatchewan, and was in Regina last spring to launch FoodshedTo see what she is cooking up these days, see her blog, (Hint: search for poetry... more to follow...)


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