Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Michael Crummey, Michael Trussler: Readings

Great readings in Regina, Saskatchewan, last night — Michael Crummey, with poems and stories all the way from Newfoundland, joined by the University of Regina's Michael Trussler.

My thanks to the organizers and sponsors — Campion College, among others. And I now have another book on my to-read list: Crummey's Galore, a multi-generational tale laced with Newfoundland folklore and legends.

Michael Crummey; photo by Shelley Banks
Michael Crummey
Michael Trussler; photo by Shelley Banks
Michael Trussler



  1. My friend Barney, a Newfoundlander, says Crummey's River Thieves and Wreckage are a great reads too.

  2. Thanks, Gord! More to look forward to reading!


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