Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Writers under New Spotlights at Regina's Vertigo Series

The Vertigo Series last night in Regina launched their new look — blue and red spotlights for the readers, Andréa Ledding, Matthew Hall, Sandra Ridley, Christine McNair and Danny Kresnyak. (Thanks to Tara Dawn Solheim, as always, for hosting!)

I can't reproduce the intelligence, wit, sensitivity and fun of their breathless, passionate, thoughtful, colourful, creative words... But I can show how the new lights provide an atmospheric hit to Craves, the series ongoing location.

Andréa Ledding
Matthew Hall
Christine McNair
Sandra Ridley
Danny Kresnyak
(and yes, he is a card-carrying member
of the SK Beard and Moustache Club...) 
Vertigo Series host,
Tara Dawn Solheim 

It's always fun to hear readers who are visiting Regina, and last night Sandra Ridley and Christine McNair came from Ottawa, and Andréa Ledding and Matthew Hall, from Saskatoon.

Thanks to all! I left inspired.


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