Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sage Hill Poetry Colloquium: Spring Reading

At the Sage Hill Poetry Colloquium this year — poets and teachers extraordinaire, Don McKay and Seán Virgo.

It was a full house at the Creative City Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan, for the Sage Hill reading — and the only reading I've ever attended with a foot-stomping, hand-thumping, encore on request!

Yes, wonderful, the writer's voice of each. So distinctive, so amazing, so totally his own.

(So many more books on my to-read list, now...)

Don McKay. Photo © Shelley Banks
Amazing poet, essayist, naturalist, Don McKay. 
Seán Virgo. Photo © Shelley Banks
Poet and all-round amazing writer, Seán Virgo

And, if you live in North America — or beyond! — and write, please look into the Sage Hill Writing Experience program!
Sage Hill Executive Director, Philip Adams. Photo © Shelley Banks
Sage Hill Executive Director, 
Philip Adams

It was the first creative writing program I attended, and I still really, really, really want to go back — and I will!

Yes, I will! Phenomenal instructors. Amazingly talented students. Wide range of workshops...

And yes, you know you want to do this, too...

(Yes, though set in Saskatchewan, students come from a long distance. Really. It's wonderful!)


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