Sunday, June 2, 2013

City of Regina 2013 Writing Awards

The 2013 City of Regina Writing Awards were presented last week to three talented local writers.

Daniel Macdonald took home the award for his play in progress. Runners-up B.D. Miller and Evie Ruddy were also honoured at the event.

Congrats to all!

B.D. Miller, Daniel Macdonald and Evie Ruddy. City of Regina Writing Award 2013.
B.D. Miller, Daniel Macdonald and Evie Ruddy.

The award is sponsored by the City of Regina, and administered by the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild. 

(And I'm so glad the runners-up are now honoured! Back when I was a runner-up in the Noughties, our presence was kept secret...) The event was hosted by last year's winner, Regina writer David Sealy

I didn't bring my real camera — mistake  but I kind of like this height-equalizing, tilty-writer effect, even though Brian, perhaps with good reason, looks slightly suspicious of me!


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