Friday, November 1, 2013

Joanne Weber: The Deaf House - The Regina Launch

Joanne Weber signs copies of The Deaf House.
The launch of Joanne Weber's new book, The Deaf House (Thistledown Press), in Regina, Saskatchewan, this week was a bilingual, bi-cultural experience, with presenters speaking in both English and American Sign Language to an audience of both deaf and hearing readers and supporters.

The Deaf House is Joanne's life story, a creative memoir billed as a "fable of a heroic quest where a woman overcomes the most profound obstacles to find herself."

The sections she read Wednesday at The Artful Dodger revealed an engaging story of work, passions, friendships, family and identity.

The book and Joanne were introduced by Regina artist (puppeteer, film-maker, designer, and more) Chrystene Ells.

Presentations were simultaneously translated to ALS or English (depending which language was being used at the podium) by ASL/English instructor Karen Nurkowski.

Congrats, Joanne!

For more on The Deaf House, see Thistledown Press.

Joanne Weber, dramatizing the challenge of determining how to communicate
with a deaf student who had no language - neither ASL nor any verbal form.

Joanne Weber
Karen Nurkowski
Chrystene Ells


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