Sunday, March 30, 2014

Talking Fresh 12: Exile — Writing Beyond the Borders

For 12 years, writing has been celebrated in Regina at the free-to-all-attendees Talking Fresh festival. This year's great presenters were poet and spoken word artist Lillian Allen, poet and non-fiction writer Armand Ruffo, and playwright Colleen Murphy.

I'm a wee bit late, as this year's event, called Exile: Writing Beyond the Borders, was held in early March, but I want to note, for the (my) record, how much fun it was and how amazing the participating writers (and their workshops) were!

Colleen Murphy, Armand Ruffo, and Lillian Allen 

Many thanks to Colleen Murphy, Armand Ruffo and Lillian Allen! (Double thanks to Lillian Allen, as I attended two workshops that she offered.) And, especially, to the Saskatchewan Writers Guild, who hosts this event.   


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