Tuesday, April 1, 2014

David Carpenter: Vol 2: Literary History of Saskatchewan

Volume 2 of David Carpenter's Literary History of Saskatchewan was launched in Regina at the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild's recent Talking Fresh 12 Festival — and it's available through Coteau Books.

Subtitled, Progressions, this book builds on Volume 1 (Literary History of Saskatchewan: Beginning) with a second series of essays and tributes to Saskatchewan writers.

At the launch held at the University of Regina, Carpenter announced that Volume 3 will soon be underway — under the direction of a new editor, Kelly-Anne Reiss.

Congrats to you both, editors Carp and Reiss!

Dave Carpenter, Editor of Volumes 1 & 2,
Literary History of Saskatchewan  
Kelly-Anne Reiss, who will be undertaking Volume 3,
Literary History of Saskatchewan. 

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