Thursday, May 22, 2014

Regina Writer Linda Biasotto Launches Sweet Life

Spring is launch season for books in Saskatchewan, and it was great to be there when Regina writer Linda Biasotto launched her new novel, Sweet Life (Coteau Books).

Linda Biasotto signs a copy of her new novel, Sweet Life, with her husband, Mario. 
Linda Biasotto reads from her new novel, Sweet Life. 
Byrna Barclay introduces Linda Biasotto. 

The sweet, Sweet Life cake,
decorated with a photo of the book cover. 

The launch was held in a private room at Tony Roma's in Regina, and featured words, music, wine and cake. (And I had a chance to get my copy of Linda's novel, and check out the photo I took of her on the back page...)  

Congrats, Linda! (And I know your next book is also on the way!)


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