Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dave Margoshes Launches Wiseman's Wager

The fall book launch season has begun in Regina, with Dave Margoshes's new novel, Wiseman's Wager (Coteau Books).

Dave Margoshes tells readers and friends about Wiseman's Wager.  ©SB

This, from Coteau, on Margoshes's new Wager:
Through the streets of Strike-era Winnipeg, Toronto during the Depression, and the 1980s Calgary of Zan’s new life, Dave Margoshes’s compellingly unreliable narrator treats the reader to a magnificent meditation on aging, family ties, faith, and the liquid concept of the truth.

Dave Margoshes, signing my copy of Wiseman's Wager.  © SB

The launch was held at Tony Roma's in Regina, with good food and great stories offered with Dave's typical deadpan humour. A fine evening, for a fine book from my former writing mentor. 

(And okay, Dave — you wanted a picture... I'll send you these and two more.) 


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