Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hagios Press and Coteau Books Fall 2013 Launch

Trevor Herriot reads from R.D. Symons' memoir, Countryboy
(to a full house, and watchers from the walls, by Andrew Salgado...)  
At the recent fall book launch for Saskatchewan's Hagios Press and Coteau Books, all eyes were on the readers: Allan Safarik, Laurie D. Graham and Trevor Herriot.

And the eyes followed the other speakers, too: Nik Burton of Coteau, Paul Wilson of Hagios, and Byrna Barclay of the Saskatchewan Arts Board.

And there were more eyes than those of the audience, in this roomful of watchers...
Laurie D. Graham, with Rove 

From the walls, oversized figures gazed at the scene... (And I found it difficult not to keep watching them, in return...)

The evening opened with a reading by Laurie D. Graham, from her new poetry collection, Rove, published under the Hagios Strike Fire! new authors series.

Allan Safarik followed, with excerpts from his historical novel, Swedes' Ferry, from Coteau. (It's fun when poets turn novelists! A great reading and my husband promptly started reading my copy of the book, so I can't tell you more about it...)

Allan Safarik, with Swedes' Ferry 
The final reader, naturalist Trevor Herriot, read sections from R.D. Symons' memoir, A Country Boy, published by Hagios.

(Hagios has also published a related volume, Countryman, by Terry Fenton, in partnership with the Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery; Trevor wrote the introduction to this. Countryman focuses on R.D. Symons' art, which is on display in Moose Jaw until January 5, 2014... And as soon as I have a reliable car, I plan to drive out to see this exhibit. Stay tuned for more on A Country Boy and Countryman...)

It was a brilliant idea to have a joint launch. Lots of variety, great readers, great books.

And... As for those ever-watching eyes...

The Art Gallery of Regina, where the book launch took place, currently features The Acquaintance, a display of vibrant portraits by Andrew Salgado, an artist originally from Regina who is now living in London, England.

Salgado's show, which the gallery statement describes as striking "an interesting balance between realism and abstraction by prioritizing the property and quality of paint above his subject," runs through November 22, 2013. It's well worth dropping by!

More images from the launch follow...

Paul Wilson of Hagios Press introduces the evening;
all portraits by Andrew Salgado.
Nik Burton of Coteau Books takes a turn at the lecturn;portraits by Andrew Salgado
The Saskatchewan Arts Board's Byrna Barclay
brings greetings.
Dwarfed by art:
April Bourgeois of Coteau Books; 

portraits by Andrew Salgado.
Art and life:
Eric Greenway of Hagios Press;

portraits by Andrew Salgado. 



  1. Love these pics. The paintings add great drama!

  2. Thanks, Brenda! It was a stunning event - great words, great art.


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